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Beauty with Astrology

Though inner beauty and character are regarded to be priceless, in today’s modern world, physical appearance is given equal importance as the first impression makes the best impression in the society.

Moon sign – Mental and emotional outlook
Placement of Moon – Relationship with the divine feminine. A stronger Moon in one’s horoscope makes a person beautiful with charming face and prominent eyes
Placement of Venus – Venus governs beauty and grace. A stronger Venus makes a person more youthful and attractive with good features, hair, skin etc.
Relationship between Jupiter and Moon – It is an important combination in determining a person’s beauty and charm. If Moon is not in Kendra or Trikona (Angle and Trine) house of Jupiter, then it might affect the beauty of an individual negatively
Relationship between Moon and Venus – If this combination is favorable, it makes a person more beautiful and attractive
Hence, a badly placed planet in your horoscope can result in good or bad features, and physical appearance. It is important to find out which planet is causing the defect and pacify the planet for benefic effects. Our beauty professional astrologer will examine your chart, and identify these planets for you.

When our minds and bodies are strong and vibrant, we can do so many things with ease and comfort. It is important to note that astrology is no substitute for proper medical advice and treatment.

Where there is health, there is beauty’. Being beautiful denotes good health on both inside and outside one’s body. A healthy body, mind and a healthy soul soothes the inner you and invariably adds beauty and charm to your face. According to Vedic Astrology, our horoscope and planetary placements in our birth chart decides our health and beauty. Our ancient seers and saints have endowed us with many practical solutions and a wealth of information to maintain and enhance our health and beauty hand-in-hand.
In modern times, we live in a visual society. While inner beauty and personality is more highly regarded once we get to know someone, physical beauty nevertheless brings instant joy and attraction to people.

for answering health questions, look closely at influences of the following Houses in your birth chart:

1st House: This Zodiac environment is the backdrop for your general well-being, body and personality
5th House: Helps suggest how to overcome health complications
6th House: Gives important indications about the nature of diseases your body may be experiencing
8th House: Reveals obstacles and even dramatic physical issues such as the loss of an organ due to disease or other significant health issues
11th House: Influences associated with this house can help suggest how to bring recovery from physical disorders
12th House: Determines factors for hospitalization and assists with analysis of possible defects in physique.

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