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Dreaming of Death

Dreaming of death is one of the most common of all dreams. These dreams very rarely signify death, but merely heralding change. It represents an ending of one phase of your life so a new one can begin. It can represent forth coming finalities, such as an end of a marriage or career. It also means a beginning of a new life.

Dreaming of death can merely be symbolic. Unless, it happens to be of a prophetic nature then that's an entirely different meaning. We act as our own analyst when dreaming of such a subject. We, as the dreamer, have to dig deep and go down the list of subconscious fears, changes, and turbulences in our lives to be able to decipher a death dream.

Psychologically, these death dreams mean different aspects of our lives. For example, if the dead person is someone you know, consider the part of yourself that person represents. If your mother dies and you have a motherly nature, then the nurturing side of your personality could be dying. Is your dream supplying you with needed information about your lack of care and comfort within yourself and others? Or do you secretly want to be independent of a smothering overbearing relationship with your Mom?

We, as humans, have two contending drives in life—living and dying. When we embark on a new chapter in our life, change can be overbearing and make us feel as though we can't cope. Thus, we dream of death. It acts as a safety valve for all the internal pressure we feel in our waking hours. Dreams keep us sane. Although a typical death dream is disturbing, when we closely sort through the changes in our life and possible hidden resentments, then the death dream makes sense.

Dreams of death lay to rest the past and usher in the future. These dreams reflect a natural progression to the next step in our lives. They signal a rite to passage, and not the scary harbinger of death. When we outgrow our actions, relationships with others, and look into hidden feelings within ourselves and others, then the dream of death will lose its grip of terror that holds us bondage to stagnation.

When you dream of your death or someone else’s, the message is clear. What change is needed in my life to make me a happier person? Mystically speaking, some dreams of death are of a prophetic nature. Communicating with the deceased has been accurately reported as well. I don't deny these occurrences as I've had these dreams myself. The dream of death can forewarn of things to come. The dreamer has no control over these precognitive and psychic experiences when sleeping. Why does it happen? No one really knows.

Overall, the meaning of a death dream is a useful message. Don't be afraid of dreams. Embrace them, they lead us in the right direction and keep us on course, and act as a forecast of what is needed in our lives for change.

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