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What is Astrology

Astrology is the study of the planets and how they effect us on earth, or is it? One popular outlook is that the planets do not affect us but only act as sign posts. For example, a sun in Virgo does not make one a perfectionist but merely points out perfectionist tendencies in one's personality. If the planets only show tendencies, then we still have control and are able make our own destinies.

At any rate here is my quick primer on the basics of Astrology:

The earthbound sky is divided into 12 equal parts, the 12 signs of the zodiac. Each sign takes up 30 degrees of the sky and only 6 signs can be seen in the sky at any one time. The other 6 are on the backside of the earth and are visible on the other side. Every 2 hours approximately a new sign pops up on the Eastern horizon and another sign sets on the Western horizon. This is caused by the Earth's rotation. The sign on the Eastern horizon at the time of your birth is your Rising Sign, or Ascendant. It plays an important part in your Astrological profile.

At the time of your birth, the planets of the solar system, including non-planets, Sun and Moon, occupy different areas of the sky. A snapshot of these locations is taken and this represents your Astrological Chart, also known as your Natal Chart. The placement of these planets, as well as the relationship these planets have to one another, influence your personality.

The movement and position of the planets have a significant effect on our behavior. One of the studies behind it is the electrodynamics theory of life, where all living things contain a biomagnetic field around them. This electrical rhythm within human beings, relate to and are influenced by the gravitational pull of the planets as they travel, as well as the lunar phases of the moon.

These changes can induce different behaviors within us, such as increase our sex drive, or bring out our dormant psychotic tendencies. Werewolf behavior and full moons might not even be that much of a stretch to believe.

Since the planets are constantly on the move, they are often fall under signs in which they do not normally rule. Their influence over us changes depending on how they harmonize with the sign. The planets themselves do not become stronger or weaker, but rather it is our response to them that changes.

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