May 21 - Jun 20


General Advice

As your soul grows restless, you will pull up your anchor and sail uncharted waters -- it is a time for playful, wild exploration. Don't let yourself be inhibited by the past, but make sure to set a clear path for the months ahead, because the year will be full of devilish twist and turns. Exciting nights will entice you and bring a wealth of experience! This is a year of romantic decision, giving birth to wondrous joys, and the pouring of a foundation for a lasting legacy. Harness your inextinguishable energy and uncanny insight. Have a blast!

Gemini Attributes

QualitiesMutable, Airy, Masculine

The Sun in Gemini

You are very mentally agile, and are often recognized for your quick wit, conversational ability, and active mind. In contrast to Taurus, you insist on getting things done your own way, as a result, you are hard to pin down and others may get frustrated. Despite your versatility and alertness, you can tend to be quite restless, often resulting in a waste of your own energy. You are quite influenced by kindness. It is difficult to be secretive and you seem very superficial at times. One of your faults is that you tend to change your mind too often, and the result can be a little unreliable.