Nov 22 - Dec 21


General Advice

Your sign is moving toward a rapid, radical change as you attract fascinating companions along the way. You may feel you have been subjected to an unfair inquisition -- and you are, in all likelihood, right. Nethertheless, a competitive optimism keeps you forging full speed ahead. Pulsating with sensual discovery, you need not continue the journey alone. An exploration of the dark side of the moon will relinquish some secretive rewards. As if leaving on a jet plane, you have miles to go before you sleep. Gaining insight along the way, you finally embrace true love.

Sagittarius Attributes

QualitiesMutable, Fiery, Masculine

The Sun in Sagittarius

The most important themes in your life are liberty, freedom and independence. Democratic views often seem the best to you. An assault on the weak or helpless is looked at as a personal attack. You hate being bossed, and you are very self-reliant. You are ambitious and frank. Because of this, you are not easily discouraged. Honesty also rules your judgment. You also have good forecasting skills, especially in terms of future business trends.