Oct 23 - Nov 21


General Advice

The Scorpio will lead the way this year. Believing in the value of experience, your wisdom will attract a wealthy following. Your spiritual pilgrimage will take you to the top of the mountain and back again, as the dying century brings you to your peak performance. Elegantly entertaining and ahead of your time, an irresistible, karmic love stares you in the eye. You enter the year with vigor and candor, as the warrior within you is poised to tackle new battles and liberate taboos. Your heart is fearless this year.

Scorpio Attributes

QualitiesFixed, Watery, Feminine

The Sun in Scorpio

Your Scorpio influence provokes you to be bold courageous, creative and scientific. Originality is almost always an outlet for success. You often mind your own business, and expect others to do the same. However, you can also tend to be suspicious, skeptical and critical. There is an intensity in your thinking, and deep inner conviction. As a result, you often cause trouble for others. Few people know what you are thinking. There is a willingness to tough things out, or to tear them down and start over.