Aug 23 - Sep 22


General Advice

This year, the extraordinary (and the abnormal) will come to pass. You'll catch yourself thinking, as you cover new ground and deal with the unexpected. After enduring life's pain and hardship, this year you finally realize how do things your way. Come out of your shell and you will be rewarded with social popularity. Your youthful vigor may cause your heart to stray ... so re-examine your conscience, and let reality sober you up. As you dare to envision bigger and better, you will exercise your stupendous talents. Shocking revelations and delving into secrets will bring enlightenment.

Virgo Attributes

QualitiesMutable, Earthy, Feminine

The Sun in Virgo

You are generally an intellect. One of your main goals is to acquire knowledge and achieve mental refinement. You have a great need for mental activity, and logical reasoning. Along with your ability to learn quickly, you have built up a large store of knowledge which few are aware about. You are hard-working, and most of your time is spent on helping others. You are very cautious, practical and detailed. Despite the fact the you may cling to details that others often dismiss, you do not get discouraged by them. You desire material wealth.