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Karmic Astrology

Karmic Astrology There is a whole branch of divination that subscribes to a belief in astrology and karma. In karmic astrology, this is so that our fate is predetermined with certain lessons that we can learn during a lifetime cycle on earth.

The reason that we do this is so that we can deal with the weaknesses in our character head on. Two of the most revealing planets in a karmic horoscope are the placement of the Sun and Pluto. The sun is the planet of beginnings and Pluto is the planet of endings. Often, the sign that Pluto is in can tell us a lot about the challenges we have chosen to overcome.

For instance in karmic astrology, a lot of planets in Pluto in the twelfth house might indicate someone who has sexual and drug addictions to overcome in this life before they will move on to a better life.

Wherever the planets are, the first house can also be significant as they can symbolize aspirations or who you are supposed to be in this life. Our sun signs determine everything that comprises our basic personalities, including what is strong about us and what limits us. We can exercise our free will to know how to overcome our limitations and live with them.

The idea of karmic astrology has been part of Indian religions for a very long time, but it was also subscribed to by many great seers, including the visionary Edgar Cayce. Cayce's idea was that the soul is constantly straining to evolve. Whatever our sun sign is and what is in our first house defines what we might desire or strive for in our life. Whatever is in our twelfth house defines where we will end up if we do not meet certain challenges.

Where the moon is in a karmic astrology chart might also be very significant as it symbolizes the psyche and the cycles of nature that we cannot quite control. Being in sync or out of sync with these rhythms can affect our karma, as it has to do with making decisions that are governed by our drives or ones that are governed by common sense. That is because the moon symbolizes our compulsions and not necessarily those things that will facilitate the development of our souls in the long run.

Karmic astrology is not so much about what you want, but what your soul thinks is best for you. It accentuates that everything that we desire is actually external to our souls and that our souls are complete entities onto themselves.

Most Indian astrology readings are structured around the sun sign so your challenges can be correctly identified. The value in having this type of chart done is that it can help sweeten any karmic judgments you may encounter as you go through life.

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