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How to Stay Healthy

How to Stay Healthy for Each Zodiac Sign When it comes to staying happy, healthy, and wise in life, each Zodiac sign is different. What amounts to be a great deal of stress for one sign is actually a way to relax for another. Foods that fuel one sign can cost another member of the Zodiac his vitality.

Here is a brief astrological guide for each Zodiac sign so you can determine how to stay healthy, fit and sane.


The Ram is a very athletic sign and needs to burn off excess anger and nervous energy through walking, swimming, kick boxing and cycling. Staying active is the key!
To relax, the Ram needs to feed his soul and brain by reading newspapers or a good book. It is important for the Aries to stay off the computer every now and then as they tend to be addicted to the Internet.
This sign is more active and can eat more carbs than other signs. They need to eat cereal in the morning and include some bread in their diet or they get tired.


This sign gets very wound up and tense. They hold a lot of frustration and anger in their body.
Sex is very therapeutic for this sensuous sign. They should also take time out to smell the flowers. Gardening and cooking are nice relaxing activities for this sign.
The Bull should watch out for a tendency to become addicted to alcohol. Drinking enough water and eating enough protein is crucial to their good health.


This sign is the most physically and mentally active sign in the Zodiac, so getting plenty of exercise is important. Geminis can do it all well. They are wonderful walkers, bikers, and swimmers.
Psychologically, this sign needs the company of others or they start to feel lonely and suffer. Having dinner with good friends or taking as stroll in the park with a special someone is essential to their well being.
The Sign of the Twins needs to eat a lot of protein to feel well. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for this very busy sign that sometimes forgets to eat!


This sign holds a lot of stress in the solar plexus because they are so emotional and sensitive. Meditation and yoga helps them discard their feelings of distress and regain inner serenity and balance.
This sign also needs a lot of love and affection. They do better with a pet around. They are also very artistic and can stay sane by expressing their feelings through art work or journaling.
This sign needs to stay away from eating too much sugar or they will get fight. They also have a better than usual chance of getting addicted to alcohol so this is something to be aware of.


This sign has boundless enthusiasm and energy and need to get out and run, ride bikes, and ride horses. They also do well in competitive sports like gymnastics. The Lion also really shines at team sports like baseball and hockey!
This sign stays healthy by having some kind of outlet for their emotions that involves performing. Acting, painting, and singing are some of the ways that talented Lions can let their hair down and express themselves.
Lions are carnivores and need a lot meat to stay their healthiest. They should stay away from drinking too much caffeine because they are quite hyper and irritable without help from a stimulant.


This sign needs to work off nervous energy through vigorous exercise. They are good at team sports like tennis or volleyball. They also have a way with horses and can be strong swimmers.
Virgos are nervous individuals who rarely express themselves. Beneath that polite exterior is usually a seething volcano of unexpressed rage and frustrations. Virgos need to pamper their stressed bodies at a spa. Many need therapy to help them express their frustrations.
This sign needs to detoxify because they have a tendency to gain weight. A diet of fresh greens and fruits suits them the best. They can keep energized by drinking glasses of green tea rather than coffee.


Weight gain is a problem with this sign that prefers to be a couch potato. Their love of television can be combined with exercise by using a Wii or workout tapes. They are also good cyclists.
Librans need an artistic outlet to stay sane. Many are excellent musicians and poets. They also feel more balanced if they have lots of sex or have a pet.
This sign loves greasy food, so it has to be balanced out with nutritious greens and even skipping meals. The sign of the scales will gain less weight if they eat many smaller meals a day instead of three big ones.


This sexy sign likes to make love. It is the perfect way to reduce stress and stay fit. Otherwise, they enjoy dancing and hiking.
Scorpions tend to bottle up their emotions. Many of them hold grudges that make them sick psychologically over the long term. Learning to let go of bad situations and detoxify mentally through meditation keeps them sane.
Scorpios tend to be quite abusive with their bodies. Many are into recreational drugs or alcohol abuse. Taking lots of vitamins and eating organically helps offset some of the damage done by these habits.


This active sign needs to run, hike, and ride a bike. They do best in a natural setting rather than within the confines of a gym.
This sign tends to be very distracted and flaky, so much so that they don’t tend to get anything done for days. Making a plan and sticking to it helps this sign stay on track and organized.
This sign tends to have problems with teeth and bones, so drinking lots of milk and eating lots of yogurt and cheese is important. Eating plenty of salad keeps their naturally slim bodies fueled with energy.


This disciplined and practical minded sign needs a schedule to work out. The Goat sticks to a fitness goals the best if he or she works out with other people in classes at a gym.
This sign tends to be controlling and suffers from a lot of frustration when things don’t go their way. Learning to let go of difficult situations is tantamount to them staying sane. Many stubborn Goats need therapy before they will let go of old grudges.
The Goat needs lots of protein to feel well and eating cheeses and meats is recommended or else he or she could feel ungrounded, shaky, or nervous.


The sign of the visionary is not that athletic, but can be coaxed out to play team sports with others. They do well taking long works or cycling.
This sign can be quite flaky and distractible. To stay healthy mentally, they may need to stick to a strict schedule or they forget to eat, wash their clothes, and do basic things.
This sign can get very strung out. Caffeine and sugar can make this sign emotional and irritable. Aquarians also need to eat enough fat in their diet to stay balanced physically and emotionally.


The sign of the Fish likes swimming, taking strolls through nature, and biking. It is not a very athletic sign, but doing some yard work might encourage him or her to stay fit.
This sign is moody and irritable when nothing is wrong. Listening to music goes a long way towards calming them down. This sign also calms down by playing games like Sudoko.
This sign is also prone to overeating. Portion control is important. Eating several small meals a day helps this sign control their blood sugar and their weight. It is also important for the fish to stay away from overloading on carbohydrates.

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