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Lip Shades


And here as well, Aries are the confident and the impulsive people. Thus, the lipstick shades also need to be corresponding to this nature. As their symbol (the ram) indicates, the dynamic and charismatic essence of Aries simply requires that personality enriched red shade.


It is accepted to describe Taurus as “The Enduring Ones.” Thus, the corresponding mauve shades and deep berry options come as the ideal variants for completing their looks. These tones nicely demonstrate the hard-working and goal-oriented ideology of this sign.


Peachy is the way for the lipstick dilemmas of Gemini. This is the very exact shade describing their communicative nature and the duality of their personality. They are outgoing and smart, and these tones create a nice mirror of these characteristic features.


While the other signs are the potential seekers and travelers, Cancer is the one that keeps home. “Protector” is how Cancer is known and we believe this is not in vain. Thus comfy and soothing shades like natural and nude are the best picks here.


Combining the traits of an extrovert with the bossy attitude, Leo finds the ideal compromise of these two, always managing to be the center of attention all the time. Thus, dramatically beautiful shades like pink especially with its bold tones represent the best choice of Leo.


When “The Perfectionist” gets down to completing the picture-prefect looks, the first things that matter are probably the high level of organization and the nobleness. Thus, the combination of the simple, yet chic shades like shimmery metallic hues, is the best option for them.


“The Harmonizer” goes here. Libras are, indeed, those society-bound people that always need to be with a company and never ever go for loneliness. Thus, picking the shade with maximum harmony and counterbalance, we stop on merlot-like tones, which are ideal in all aspects.


If you are a Scorpio and are always in a dilemma about the lip shade, we are here to come up with options. The most suitable tones that may match your serious and determined personality, and the traits like sensuality and secretiveness are maroon tones, which do combine all of these peculiarities, adding some curious and chic touches to them.


These “Happy-Go-Lucky One” people are the most optimistic and outgoing of all. They are always in search of knowledge and information. And talking about the main shades, we may point out brownish tones as the keys to success.


The bright, competitive, and determined character of Capricorn is best reflected with shades like bright pink, which will accentuate your personality, and add some more charm and chic to them.


Aquarius is one of the most closely nature bound signs. They are always busy with worries about nature, they are always reflecting and seeking for inspiration. And to complete this with the language of fashion, we may note the soothing nudes as the most suitable shades for lips.


And when we speak about Pisces, we should first of all note the “Dreamer” nature of this sign. They are one of the most creative, emotional and caring people. And for this sign, a counterbalance leading them back to the earth is the deep shade of red.

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