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Nail Polish Colors


Again reminding you about the active and independent nature of Aries, we may point out the bold colors like red as the basic shade for their nails. Other significant option is purple, which comes like a specific alternative for accenting the natural beauty and charm of Aries.


Warmth and cozy are the says of Taurus and the best shade reflecting this is, of course, the warm shade of pink. Another super stunning and cool shade that gets Taurus maximum close to nature is green, which comes with that feel of freshness and chic.


Extraverted and bright are the best descriptive words of the nature of Gemini. Accordingly, shades like sunny yellow and energizing orange are the key tones for the most impressive and personality stating looks for Gemini.


What most of the stylists agree unanimously with is that the very shade of Cancer is silver! This is absolutely true about the nail colors as well, and that’s why we should note silver as the key tone for this sign. This shade is capable of adding some mystery and glam to your looks and making them impeccable.


It is out of doubt that royal charm requires royal gold for the absolute chic! And according to this principle, the main nail shade of Leo is golden and bronze, especially picked with shimmery textures. Everything is reflected with this shade from confidence to durability and power.


The sweet and charming nature of Virgo can be reflected with a number of hues. However, shades like milk-chocolate brown and navy may be considered as some of the most noteworthy tones for this sign. Additionally, we may add the classic hot red to the list for the absolutely breathtaking results!


The harmonious philosophy of Libra can’t but be expressed with saliently chic and soothing tones. And that’s not coincidental that the key shades of Libra are navy blue and the nudes, presented with the widest diversity of options.


As for Scorpio, the very first tones that need to be noted are the deep maroon shades, which are the best mirrors of the uniqueness and the totally bedazzling character of Scorpio. This innate charm and allure may also be accentuated with some pink and fuchsia tones.


Coming to Sagittarius, we may note two basic tones as key options. The first is purple, reflecting the adventurous and optimistic nature of this sign, and the second is enigmatic black, which stands for the mystery that the nature of Sagittarius has intertwined with its character.


Some diversity of possible tones may be observed in case of Capricorn as well, thus suggesting the tones of muted taupe on the one hand, and the enchanting and alluring blues on the other. What is most noteworthy, these shades may be used with all of their variations.


Defining the characteristic shades of Aquarius, we may talk about the tones like turquoise and pearl blue on the one hand, and the neon accents with yellow, fuchsia or bright green on the other. All of these shades complete the nature of this sign and gift its owner with a specific sassy flair.


Finally, when speaking about the specific shades for Pisces, we may note the diversity of purple and gray shades, the former being the reflection of the dreamy and passionate nature and the second standing for the uniqueness and exquisiteness of these people.