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With many different planets and elements in astrology it’s not only the star at the centre of our solar system that influences your beauty style. The feminine energies of the moon and planet Venus have some sway too… And not forgetting your rising sign.

The Aries look can be quite striking, with defined features and a strong, often dark brow. Though they can have a bit of a baby face, their look is still quite angular. Aries people can have a reddish complexion, or get red-faced when they’re hot under the collar! Tip for Aries? Define your brow, especially if its been over-plucked – pencil in a beautiful arch.

Taurean women appear both strong and soft simultaneously. This is an elegant sign with a determined inner reserve. Those born under the Bull will often have a grounded countenance coupled with grace and femininity. Their neck can appear particularly elegant or show off their strength more so with a stocky build. As a Venus-ruled sign they will be sensitive to smell, touch and all aesthetics, finding it easy to produce a subtle make-up look. Taurus Tip? Let your natural beauty show, don’t over-do your slap, you don’t need to!

The Gemini look is dynamic and exciting! Those with planets in the constellation of the Twins can quite literally sparkle. Their mischievous twinkling eyes capture the expression of their interested and curious Mercury-ruled mind. Gemini’s Tip? Keep it bright and shiny – set off your look with something that sparkles.

The Cancer look is soft and feminine, with big, soulful, watery eyes. Cancer is the only sign to be ruled by the moon and those people that are strongly Cancerian can appear lunar-like, reflecting the rounded appearance of our satellite. Cancer people can also look like ‘the man in the moon’, with a pointed nose! Tip for Cancer chicks? Emphasise your gorgeous eyes with grey shadows.

he Leo look is cat-like, and those people with planets in the constellation of the Lion can quite literally look feline! Their hair is often a striking style or cut, and will be noticeable however it’s worn. They hold their head high, proudly with self assurance and poise. Leo’s beauty advice – wear your hair even bigger..

Virgo is the sweet Maiden, and only one of a few human beings that appear in the zodiac to represent the signs. People with Virgo strong in their chart appear delicate, with neat, almost tidy features! I say that Virgo is the virtuous sign as they seem so feminine and demure. Virgo’s Tip? Keep it clean, avoid the slovenly tag.

Venusian Libra is the civilised sign represented by the Scales and they say that those born under this sign have particularly symmetrical, balanced, faces and features. Ruled by beauty planet, Venus, those born under Libra or those with lots of Libra in their chart will have a natural affinity with fashion and fairness – they just get it right. Tip? Don’t over-do the sugary sweetness, add a little dirt, I mean Earth here and there!

The Scorpio look is somewhat sultry, as this sign is reserved, reclusive, secretive and not typically one to step into the limelight. Their beauty style reflects this, with blended make-up styles, such as smoky eyes and a stained lip, working well for them. Their aura naturally gives off an air of privacy, their gaze says “Stay back! Until I say you can proceed…” They are strong-bodied, stealthy, powerful people. Tip for Scorpio? Keep it mysterious, you’re not the frosted glitter gloss fan and that’s just fine.

Sagittarius is the fresh-faced sign with a bounce in her step. Her Mode is Mutable, and her element is fire – she represents moving passions in the zodiac, which gives her an adventurous spirit and roaming look in her eye – she’s got her sights set on Sagittarius soil far, far away! They say that Sagg can look a little horse like, with long faces and flyaway tails of hair! Tip for Sagg is to sometimes slow down! Take a moment out and do a once over before bounding out the door…

Capricorn women can appear reserved – not aloof but serious, considered and conservative. This Saturn-ruled sign veers towards a stoic look, with dark, understated styles, and make-up that’s always appropriate. As a Cardinal Earth sign they’re ambitious empire builders – risk takers they’re not, that goes for their beauty style too… Tip for Cappy? Lighten up, relax, take a risk.1

Aquarius is the unusual character in the zodiac with a zany and off the wall aesthetic. The archetype of Aquarius likes to be different, with quirks that can often come across in their beauty style. People with strong Aqua often have heart shaped faces with a strong jaw, and wear an expression that says they’re away with the fairies! Tip for Aquarius? Celebrate your uniqueness with small touches that make you stand out – nothing’s too strange…

Neptune-ruled Pisces is a water sign and as such, can appear water-logged, with a fleshy softness to their appearance or very watery eyes… Those born under this sign have truly gorgeous hair, which will either be thick, shiny and glossy or tumble town in waves. The body part of Pisces is the feet (– or fins), which may be shaped unusually that cause them to trip over their toes! Artistically minded, the Pisces woman will veer towards muted tones across her fashion and beauty style, that reflect the shades of the sea, so soft grey or lavender eye-shadows suit. The Pisces beauty tip is to keep it soft and serene, don’t try to fence yourself in, in fashion or your creativity!