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Which Animal relating to your Ascendant?

Everyone who touched the matter of esoteric knowledge and found a way towards energetic work knows how important our grounding and our connection to Mother Earth are on our path to live the land of ideals we carry in our hearts and minds. It is the sensation in our body, how we treat our physical world, and the simplicity of instinct in its core that guides the way to a fulfilled life. Alive and breathing, Earth is the ball of change and absolute balance, and while we might worry about its wellbeing, on a scale larger than our human race, we can rest assured that it will live its wondrous destiny, with or without us to witness its cycles.

Every planet has one animal to describe it best, but many colors and shades are given to the interpretation. It isn’t an easy task to determine where our guidance hides and usually takes years of meditation, practice, and learning to find where we connect to the animal world. Still, it is nice to know the general atmosphere of our first house ruler to better understand the energy flow we are prone to and start understanding what animals have to teach.

The Moon rules the sign of Cancer and those born with their ascendant in this sign are to connect with the nature of the Wild Horse.

To understand the nature of Mars in lives of those born with their first house in Aries or Scorpio, we will observe Bison as their power animal.

When one’s ascendant is in the sign of Taurus or Libra, their ruling planet’s animal is the Dolphin.

When we think of the Sun and those born with their ascendant in the sign of Leo.

An ascendant in Gemini and Virgo speaks of one’s connection to the animal world through Mercury and the Wolf.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces and when the first house cusp is found in these two signs, it is possible that the spirit animal guiding one through life is an Eagle.

The animal that stands as Saturn’s guidance for all those born with their ascendant in Capricorn and Aquarius may be the Crow.

Whale is the animal that represents the nature of Uranus in the animal kingdom, one of the mystical creatures of the oceans to ptotect the sign of Aquarius.

Neptune rules the sign of Pisces and the Dragonfly might just be the spirit animal of those born with their first house cusp set in this sign.

To represent the energy of Pluto in the animal world, and with it the sign of Scorpio on one’s ascendant, Salamander is peaking through the grass in all its glory.

Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces each have two rulers and it isn’t always easy to define which one describes a person born with such an ascendant more closely. Typically, their life path will be seen mostly through the ruler closer to planet Earth for this is visible and easy to grasp on. However, spirit animal linked to their primal nature often turns out to be the one of distant planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto), giving a higher sense of meaning to their existence through their primal nature, however difficult to notice in the first place.

Although a giraffe speaks well about a different approach to Jupiter, a polar bear stands for another side of Mars and a medusa or a dove bring us in touch with the sensitive Moon combined with Neptune, animals we mentioned in this article teach us about the basic nature of our chart ruler. This is just a foundation for understanding of our instinctive and primal needs, but to understand our wholesome Self, we must go a lot deeper than that. It is a good start to meditate from time to time to determine which animal our Soul connects to on our current path, for this helps us see our role in the process we go through and what we need to embrace to complete a lesson life served us with.

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