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The Tarot Dictionary From S --> W

Word: Strength
Attaining new spiritual heights. Resonating the highest forms of love in your life. Success with integrity. REVERSED: Too attached to shallow wishes and goals or material possessions. Feeling like you’re not getting anywhere. Give your desires to a higher power.

Word: The Star
Inspiring love, profound creativity and success; optimism and vitality. REVERSED: Pessimism, fear, and doubts that hold you back from experiencing the fullest form of life. Learn to let go and trust.

Word: The Sun
The Sun: Happiness, abundance, love, joy, and success. Feeling grateful for a rich, full life. REVERSED: An unhappy situation, feeling restless and unfulfilled. Happiness delayed. Reevaluate wishes and goals to find joy and abundance; make different choices.

Word: Six of Cups
Nurturing deep friendships and family relations. An abundance of love from others you care about. REVERSED: Empty friendships and obligations. Don’t live in the past, let go of relations that aren’t supportive.

Word: Seven of Cups
Dreaming about all the different outcomes, make sure you have grounded visions that aren’t flights of fancy. REVERSED: Open to new ideas, setting new goals that are more in line with your ideals.

Word: Six of Swords
Walking away from what is no longer working in your life. A potential vacation, move, or relocation. A spiritual journey. REVERSED: You are feeling separated or blocked from moving forward in life.

Word: Seven of Swords
Being or having a dishonest partner. A failed venture is not a complete loss, pick up the pieces and start again. REVERSED: Unexpected positive outcome in which you were anticipating the worst.

Word: Six of Wands
You’ll hear some exciting news soon. A message, phone call, email, or invitation to celebrate. REVERSED: The news you are waiting for is delayed. Don’t wait; continue to move forward without it.

Word: Seven of Wands
The courage to face your business partner or rival in bold new ways gives you the upper hand. Staving off the competition. REVERSED: Working hard for little gain, afraid to summon the courage and take decisive actions.

Word: Six of Pentacles
New opportunities, financial gain, good news, celebrations. REVERSED: Disappointments at not getting what you had hoped for. Financial loss. Watch being too money-oriented. Seek more fulfilling goals.

Word: Seven of Pentacles
Positive work and career. Success after tremendous effort. REVERSE: Wasted efforts, inefficient work methods bring little or no gain. Time to reevaluate your focus, set new systems in place; be meticulous and economical.

Word: Temperance
Cooperation with others, harmonious communications. Positive exchanges, success and optimistic growth. REVERSED: Miscommunications causing upset. Poor negotiations, both sides are too self-interested or too far apart. Think creatively, let go, and forgive to correct misunderstandings.

Word: Two of Cups
Harmonious communications. Flirting and mutual attraction with a love interest. Something new continues to grow. REVERSED: Temporary or shallow love, miscommunications. A good beginning turns confusing.

Word: Three of Cups
Celebrations, inspiration, success, joy and abundance. Moving toward a positive outcome. REVERSED: Overindulgence, ego gratification, shallow thinking; the end of a good thing.

Word: Ten of Cups
Celebrations of peace, joy, and abundance; a deep abiding happiness. REVERSED: Overindulgence, wastefulness, and regret. Wishes denied. Stop—this is not a positive course of action.

Word: Two of Swords
An adversarial relationship that may be good some times but has a lot of tension in it. Can’t let your guard down. REVERSED: You are in the middle of an unsafe win/lose situation.

Word: Three of Swords
Depressing sadness or loss in a love relationship. Hurt feelings. REVERSED: Lessening sorrow over a relationship that revealed it’s true colors.

Word: Ten of Swords
Feelings of intense defeat and failure. Deep depression with anger and rage. Learn to process your emotions or it can be hard to move on. REVERSED: Only time heals, dedicate your life to a higher cause to find meaning.

Word: Two of Wands
Optimistically looking forward toward the future. The successful beginnings of new entrepreneurial efforts and partnerships. REVERSED: A good beginning that is now full of obstacles. Change your path; act wisely.

Word: Three of Wands
Successfully building your future. The courage to look forward and take bold action. Acting from a position of strength. REVERSED: You may have the wrong course of action or a deceitful business partner.

Word: Ten of Wands
Taking on huge responsibilities. Carrying around the burdens of others is exhausting you. REVERSED: You can no longer continue to carry such heavy loads without suffering yourself. Learn to let them go.

Word: Two of Pentacles
Restoring harmony and balance to competing interests. Diplomatic business negotiations. Enjoying your career. REVERSE: Unhappy with your job or career, disharmonious work environment. Unable to fix disunity.

Word: Three of Pentacles
A member of a union or group of like-minded talents. Making a successful living as an artist or technician. REVERSED: The lack of talent or technical skills to be successful. Study and practice is necessary.

Word: Four of Pentacles
Good luck; your wishes come to pass, financial success, celebrations. REVERSED: Too attached to money. A compulsive spender. Disappointment when wishes aren’t fulfilled.

Word: Ten of Pentacles
Meaningful friendships, abiding love for family. Enjoying the important things in life; feeling rich with spirit. REVERSED: Loss of friendship or family. Selfish or shallow relationships. Feeling unfulfilled. Look for a deeper meaning.

Word: Wheel of Fortune
Good luck, a positive outcome or turn of events. REVERSED: A negative outcome or one that has obstacles to overcome. Results not what you expected, reversal of fortune. Retool and try again later.

Word: The World
Abundance, success, peace, spiritual attainment, joy—everything you have ever wanted in the world! REVERSED: A positive outcome is blocked, success and abundance delayed. Identify conflicting goals, dreams and fears that may be limiting your growth.