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Your True Love Soul Mate

This quick quiz can tell you whether or not you are with your one and only soul mate.

1. Our relationship can best be described in one word as...

a. Distant
b. Platonic
c. Fraught with challenges
d. Highly sexual

2. When we met, he or she seemed...

a. Wonderful
b. Absolutely irresistible sexually
c. Like I knew him or her from another life
d. Very fresh and like nobody I have ever met before

3. Others describe us as...

a. A nice couple
b. Meant for each other
c. Two people who complete each other’s sentence
d. Telepathic twins

4. Our sex life is...

a. Non-existent
b. Okay most of the time
c. There is a lot of cuddling
d. Thrilling and daring

5. My biggest fear about my relationship is that...

a. We will run out of money
b. Our children will hate us
c. Our sex life will die out as we age
d. I will wake up one day and he or she will not be beside me

6. My favorite way to spend time with my beloved is...

a. Watching television in bed
b. Doing a hobby we love together
c. Making love
d. Holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes

7. If you accidentally murdered some, would your lover...

a. Call the police and refuse to ever see you again
b. Call the police but visit you in jail
c. Smuggle a nail file in a cake to you so you can escape from jail
d. Help you bury the body and never tell a soul

8. My soul mate thinks...

a. I don’t understand him or her as well as I should
b. I am part of him or her and that everything should be shared
c. That I am perfect as I am and that not a thing should be changed
d. That he or she loves me even if I am not perfect

9. Which of the following situations do the two of you believe could separate the two of you...

a. Infidelity
b. Money problems
c. Death
d. Not even death can separate our souls

10. If we ever broke up I would...

a. Move on as that is always the best course of action
b. Get revenge
c. Do whatever it takes to get him or her back
d. Let her go because I love him or her enough to let them lead their own life

How To Score:

For every "a" that you answer give yourself 1 point.
For every "b" that you answer give yourself 2 points.
For every "c" that you answer give yourself 3 points.
For every "d" that you answer give yourself 4 points.

If you scored 1-10...

You are probably not with your soul mate because your answers were mostly a’s. This indicates that your relationship exists on a more pedestrian, sexual plane that is probably more based on looks or owning another person. This is not indicative of a soul mate.

If you scored 11-20...

You have probably met someone who will “do for now” but who is not your soul mate. If you answered a lot of a’s, b’s and c’s to get this score, it can mean that you treat this individual like a possession and not like a soul mate.

If you scored 21-30...

You are with someone you are very compatible with but he or she is not likely your soul mate. They are probably part of your personal evolution in terms of karma that will lead you to the one who is absolutely perfect for you in the long run.

If you scored 31 to 40...

It is very possible that you actually have met your soul mate. You love this person enough to let them go. You do not see familiarity with someone as being basis for a soul mate and you understand that the challenges involved with fighting for or accepting your soul mate’s flaws are part of the karmic purpose of these relationships.

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